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Onion: An Excellent Natural Remedy for Hair Loss

Onion: An Excellent Natural Remedy for Hair Loss

Tensed to find loose hair stands coming free when you comb or wash your hair? Do not worry. Resort to some hair therapy to prevent further hair loss. Otherwise, one day might appear when you will find that you have grown bald. Do not let the curse of baldness engulf you. If you are not willing to use chemicals or ordinary hair loss shampoos, you can try out natural remedies to fight against hair loss problems.

I was losing my hair not along time ago and I found something that helped stop my help hair loss and regrew most of my hair back.



Numerous natural hair loss remedies, contemporary as well as traditional, have proved their potential in treating hair loss problems. They are bereft of any side effects and can provide additional health benefits. Do not be late; eliminate the thought of treating your hair loss problems with surgery, injections and prescriptions drugs and grab natural remedies to save yourself from hair loss.

Onion is a kind of herbal folk medicine to treat hair loss problems. Even the new generation use onion juice to treat their hair loss. Several hair growth products use onion juice as one of their chief ingredient.

How Does Onion Juice Stop Hair Loss and Promote Hair Re-growth?

Onion has anti-bacterial qualities. Thus, there are germs infecting your scalp causing hair loss problems, you can apply onion juice in the affected areas to enjoy effective results. Onion juice is also helpful in removing parasites infecting the scalp. Onion has numerous vitamins and minerals like calcium, germanium, potassium, magnesium and vitamins C and B6. It is also rich in sulfur content. Sulfur contained in onion juice can initiate hair re-growth. Adequate amounts of sulphur in onion juice regenerate hair follicles and facilitate hair re-growth.

Experiments That Demonstrate the Effectiveness Of Onion in Preventing Hair Loss

A number of experiments have been done to prove the effectiveness of onion in treating hair loss problems. Let us talk about the experiment conducted by the Baghdad Teaching Hospital, Iraq. The Department of Dermatology and Venereology of this hospital conducted this experiment. Some people having Alopecia Areata were divided into two groups. One group of people was treated with crude onion juice while the other group only used tap water to wash their hair. After a couple of days, 73% of the group using onion juice experienced hair re-growth.

How to treat your hair loss problems with onion juice?

There are various ways which you can adopt to treat your hair loss problem with onion juice. You can use crude onion juice to treat your problem or can combine onion juice with other ingredients to apply in your scalp to fight against the issue:

  • Cut a medium-sized onion into small pieces. Put the onion pieces into a cup of rum. Leave it for 24 hours. After the specified time, sieve the onion pieces and apply the solution to your scalp. Use this solution twice daily to extract best results.
  • Mix ½ cup nettle and ½ chopped onion in a bowl and add vodka to it. Leave it for few days. Then strain the liquid and massage it on the scalp.
  • A solution made from honey and onion juice is highly effective in preventing hair loss.

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